Decisions. There Are No Repetitions – On the Drawings of Christiane Schlosser

No line is like another. Each sign is an individual creation that stands for itself.Changes in direction are seminal. Any gap that remains is filled with a basis that shines brightly through the dense parallel lines of deep fluid blue and recounts a multitude of decisions in an endless universe of possibilities.

Everything flows: Pulsating softly and continuously, the lines follow an idea that once grasped leads one – to the right, to the left, with breaks permeable, open, and yet precise as they fill the sheet: from the top left to the bottom right. In her drawings, Christiane Schlosser measures space, completely and in fragments, in a fine and richly differentiated parallelism, with flexible curves in the ‚all overness‘ of loose togetherness, or with the smallest of powerful (barbed) hooks pointing in any direction possible, capable of stretching out or closing in tightly, so as to ultimately allow each distance to become a broad field of singular yet always equally valid scriptural markings that turn lines into points and the drawing into a shimmering impulse of concentrated awareness.

The artist has called her series of three large-format drawings comprising an airily filigree panorama extending almost four metres in size simply “Big Break”. It can only be experienced to its full extent in an interplay between proximity and distance, as well as by pausing and curiously probing. These drawings effortlessly sharpen the senses by connecting vision and thought and by enabling the experience of seeing that which becomes visible and works in the in-between spaces, through taking breaks.

As with all of her drawings, the potential to be found in a singly conceived artistic impulse is revealed here, leading line by line, sheet by sheet and with the selected colour to creations never seen before that repeatedly elicit feelings of awe and amazement. With uncompromising concentration, energy, vibrancy, tenderness or brittleness, each drawing permits an idea grasped once to run its course. The unique order, rhythm and decisions accompanying the drawings of Christiane Schlosser lead us into thinking spaces parallel to nature as a perpetual cycle with its own rhythm – maintained by the finest wide-ranging structures whose strength is the openness with which they propose their own system of order to the world.

Dr. Birgit Möckel
in the catalogue „Christiane Schlosser-Zeichnungen“ 2018